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importance of monthly site maintenance?

With WordPress being free it is open source made by a group of developers and like anything else in modern day, prone to bugs and hackers. With website security and keeping the site up to date we are able to keep your site as secured as possible to ensure maximum uptime.

why should my site have a ssl?

With the push for security in the digital age, any website that is not for personal use should have a SSL. Latest browsers such as chrome now show “Not Secure” in the top corner of websites to alert the customer that their personal traffic to your website is not being encrypted.

Should my site be ADA Compliant?

Recent ruling has been established by Title III of the ADA requiring all places of public accommodation to remove any access barriers that can prevent a person with disabilities from accessing a business’ goods or services. 

how do landing pages increase traffic?

Landing pages are SEO optimized for a geographic area, along with a targeted keyword, these pages are then sent to google, targeted to beat out competitors in those areas (typically built in batches).

How can a firewall speed up my site?

A firewall can speed up your site by reducing the amount of negative traffic that hits your server, depending on requests that hit your firewall we can have bad bots blocked out. This will allow your servers resources to target only your customers and good bots. Our firewall can also compress your website and allowing quicker delivery and increased load time. 

What if my site gets hacked?

Pro Websulting offers the availability to have daily website backups along with uptime alerts so we will be the first to know when you go offline, and can immediately work to bring your site right back, ensuring minimal downtime.

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